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“All of our designs start as just an idea, from there we translate the concept to paper whether hand drawn or 3D rendered so we can express the concept to the client! What a gift to be able to give life to what was once no more than a glimmer of an idea!”

Leslie Murphy

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She's incredible! Leslie was able to walk into our house and tell us exactly what needed to be done. She listened to our ideas and we loved everything she showed us. Leslie is a true talent and creative.
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We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Leslie on several projects. She excels at taking an idea and giving it life. Has an excellent understanding of many architectural styles and how to bring that into our product!
Metalarie Louver Company
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Leslie is a true professional with a skilled eye. She walks you through the design process entirely and will ensure that she helps meet the goals you have for your home. Thank you for making my home livable AND beautiful!
Jennifer Deal
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Leslie handled our project with complete professionalism, quality and a wonderful smile. She was able to handle working with me long-distance for the majority of the time during our project. One of her main tasks was to help meld new furniture with our asian based furniture to create new updated look in our new home. Leslie also worked well with the contractor in updating the baths and kitchen. I will continue to use Leslie for any new projects that arise.
Jessie Cunningham
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