Creating a Beautiful Low Maintenance Bed

There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful bed but sometimes all those layer and insert and buttons and duvet covers are just a lot of work. We have simplified it over the years and have some quick tips and tricks for you.

If you have pets always pursue pet friendly colors and washable pieces. We love to add the pop of white through pillows at the top of the bed when pets may be sleeping at the foot of the bet to get a little crispness into the scene. Another trick is to do a simple end of bed throw that you don’t mind washing or throwing away after some use.

An end of bed scarf or folded quilt is the best way to accent the end of the bed in a low cost non fussy way. We also love to add a bit of seating to the end of the bed to give a truly finished look if possible. We also love all washable products even the duvet inserts (which we mostly use under our quilts to avoid dealing with the fussy Duvet covers).

Semi custom pillows like these from Ryan Studio (which we stock) Do a world of good in terms of adding that nice accent at the end without breaking the bank on custom pillows. We are also a huge fan of the end of bed bench!!!

We prefer side rails to bed skirts for those who like a cleaner look. It is an easy way to keep things tidy looking and it is often times more cost effective than purchasing a custom end of bed skirt.

Murphy Maude Interiors carries several lines of bedding and pillows at reasonable price points soon we will offer the option of shopping our online catalogue to secure our curated bedding finds from markets! We don’t catalogue anything that is not washable non fussy and up to Murphy Maude standards for beauty and quality! Stay tuned for more details about how to find our curated, no fuss bedding essentials online!

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