Custom Upholstery

A hallmark of what we do at Murphy Maude Interiors is custom upholstery work. Having your furniture pieces hand drawn and locally – crafted holds many benefits, not limited to the aesthetic. It’s important to view upholstery as a piece of art in your home, much like a painting or a sculpture. Just like with art, there are times where a gorgeous statement piece can enhance the overall experience of the space!

Our own design, we added acrylic legs to add a special modern take on a classic design | Photo: Sarah Rossi

Both the sofa and the bench are custom upholstery pieces designed by Murphy Maude Interiors (we can even create our own custom metal vases as needed to add a contemporary or transitional touch)

We work with local artisans throughout the entire process, sourcing fabrics and materials consciously. Giving our community our love and support through our work is one of the driving forces behind what we do. All of our pieces are hand drawn and custom built in Memphis, the city in which we love to work and play. It is an added benefit to be able to have a piece in your home that has been crafted by local artists.

Hand built custom cabinet built by local craftsmen and upholstered separately by regional artisans. can be customized to any space to hold supplies, bed, any items that need a beautiful decorative thought. | Photo: Sarah Rossi

We love the opportunity to add statement pieces to your home, and we also love the opportunity to give back to our local economy and community through our custom upholstery offering.

Bed and the sofa that you see peeking out of this photo are both custom pieces. side rails are upholstered in satin, removing the need for a bed skirt for a sleek look.


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