High Point Market Trends 2018

The High Point Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, with over 10 million square feet of exhibitors throughout about 180 buildings. There is so much great stuff at High Point Market it is hard to narrow it down to what I think you will find captivating because to me, it is like one big candy store! Below, I have highlighted some of the best finds and hottest trends in the hopes you will take a way a small piece of the excitement and energy I felt from spring 2018 market.

The New Neutrals: Neutrals are necessary, that is for certain. But however essential they are, they can often times feel stuffy, unless layered with perfect complements. The old beige, cream, and icy grey of the last few years are feeling the heat with the warming influences of what I like to call “the new neutrals”. Warmer palettes of taupe, olives, bronzes and and graphites are a bit more earthy and warmer than the neutrals of the past. We should also come to think of black as a neutral. Black complements really any color palette and it is the perfect way to add drama to your space.

Go Bold or Go Home: lots of geometrics and bold pattern –  Well the 70’s are back, and why not!? That is the thing about design it that is cyclical and if it emerges with vigor once it will certainly emerge again. However, this time the patterns are simpler larger and more refined and add immediate visual interest and gratification! Sounds a little like the 70’s I think!

The Garden Party: A trend with heavy florals and bright botanical colors – Florals that were introduced last year are still having their moment! These are not your granny’s curtains though, people are finding creative ways to incorporate floral into everyday living. It is a bit of the bringing the outside in. Think high tea and garden party, y’all! This is such a clever way to fill your home with vibrant hues from the garden and make it cohesive. This is definitely one of the trends that always makes me stop and smile!

The Feminine Touch: Pinks and and soft washed pastels were everywhere this year. The soft subtle minimal palette is really about creating a soothing and harmonious environment. Less drama more flora and fauna.  Think mint green and water colored florals. Also, pink is loosing its gender connotation.  It is a mood enhancing color not limited to strictly little girl’s rooms anymore. Take that perfect rose pink from your little darling nursery and pop it into some beautiful pillows or a whole chair even! I anticipate richer, bolder use of pink and more prevalent use of pink even in the work place in years to come. #girlboss #whoruntheworld!

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