Make it Simple, but Significant

In 2018, Murphy Maude Interiors is moving towards fresh, natural materials such as metals, concrete, and natural stone. These elements will help bring an organic feeling to any space while reflecting the natural environment in lifestyle and home products. During my last few months exploring products, and especially while recently in Las Vegas for market, I snagged some ideas to integrate into my design work in the spirit of the “urban” and “organic.”

There were a few elements I found at market that lend to this new look and direction. For example, this hand painted wallpaper has a beautiful patina look. It could be mistaken for concrete or metal, or a combination of the two. We installed it for a client as an accent wall in their East Memphis home last year and it was gorgeous. One unique element of this product is it can be installed from a roll or from blocks or rectangles. The photo of a wall inspiration reminds me a bit of the vintage concrete walls of the Crosstown Concourse Building in Midtown Memphis. The concourse was once a Sears distribution center that has been recently revamped into a hub for retailers and residents. I love that they kept the original walls and combined it with the sleek modern look that they have today.

Another new and inspiring find are these throw pillows that have an urban concrete feel mixed in with metallic accents. My clients are always shocked by the price of a good pillow. Once you purchase custom fabric and down inserts and pay for the sewing labor on custom pillows you can easily be at the $300 per pillow.  However this new line is beautifully crafted and price point starts at $100 each. These items can be sourced through Murphy Maude, contact us with any questions!

Finally, the metal console table is made using hollow metal tubing. This is from a company we frequently work with to source our products. They create amazingly sexy, organic, and at times, “dark” furniture designs. They also incorporate beautiful, natural elements into many of their pieces. Metal furnishings are durable, stylish, and often ideal for the natural environment with certain treatments and varnishes. A range of styles can be evoked by metalwork. Metal also channels not only industrial but sometimes vintage which, when combined thoughtfully with minimalist shapes and forms, can be an interesting dichotomy.

An important thing I keep in mind when I tell stories through design is to make it simple, but significant. I support companies that have a focus on doing good as part of their mission. This helps me design with a purpose, and it makes me feel good about where I source my pieces. I found a lot of pieces in the Las Vegas Market that speak towards designing with a purpose. A brand that sticks out is Dconstruct. This brand designs and manufactures unique, eco-friendly jewelry from recycled resin. This recycled content would otherwise be waste from producers of skylights, store fixtures and vending machine covers. Through their effort, Dconstruct can help local tradespeople boost their economies and fight poverty and poor living conditions. I picked up a few pieces for myself and my team at the market as inspiration for future approach towards design.

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