The Team Approach!

Want to know the “trick” to success when building a new home? A strong team!

As the owner and creative director of an interior design business, I am so fortunate to work with so many talented people. There are exceptional interior designers, project managers, draftsman and other skilled professionals within Murphy Maude Interiors who help us thrive. However, there is also something special about the relationships we develop with other industry professionals like the Architects and General Contractors that allows the experience of the project to be an incredible journey for all – especially the client! Establishing communication between design firm, architect and contractor not only reduces the risk of having to make on site plan changes, but also helps reduce the risk of leaving out important details vital to the project’s success.

On this particular project, Shapiro & Company Architects and Hank Hill Custom Building have been meticulous in planning and implementing this Collierville home.

A great set of plans is always the best place to start on new construction or a renovation. Brad Shapiro and Scott Baker from Shapiro & Company looped us in to discuss details early on. For instance, we studied the best possible patio layout to accomplish a comfortable furniture plan without impeding the view.

Here Hank and I are checking tile samples against the wall color selections.We went room to room checking each tile sample with each cabinet and wall color to make sure the specifications read true in their natural lighting condition. Often times we need to make a quick change on site before the cabinet makers spray and bake on the desired paint finish!  While it my seem laborious it can be the difference between a cohesive look and an “oops that doesn’t look quite right.” For this project we specified over 12 different cabinet colors (whew) – mostly bold, paired with geometric floor tiles.

In this project we also specified the design of the doors – a three panel shaker style worked best for this situation. While it seems like an easy task, the doorframes on the first floor are a different height than the doorframes on the second floor – the door style required more consideration to embody the overall aesthetic.

Even details like the bordering marble on a herring bone inset floor were defined in advance of installation to eliminate any guesswork. At MMI we also work with our construction draftsman to develop elevations showing the placement of things such as the shower niches, vanity mirrors and lighting in each bathroom so that we have a “to scale” guide to give to the contractor.


While work on seemingly small details may seem tedious, those “small” details require the most attention and strategy, like how to install glass shelves on top of a statement niche in an unobtrusive manner. This is tricky because it is installed after the glass, as not to interrupt the pattern with standard marble shelving.

I’m so thankful for all of the amazing people who have come together on this project. We always have fun but most importantly, we work closely on every detail so that our clients don’t have to worry. This is going to be an awesome project, and I can’t wait for you to see it! We look forward to unveiling the entire project start to finish at the end of this nearly 17 month adventure!!!!

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