Telling a Story Through Local Art

I like to help my clients find at least one statement piece for their project, be it art, sculpture or a gorgeous chandelier. I am deeply influenced by the personality of the client. I let their disposition and approach to life lead me in the development of their ideal environment. I love feeling a close and deep connection to the art that I curate for my projects, and more so, feeling a close connection to the artists. Being born and raised in Alabama, as well as living in Memphis, I have a soft spot in my heart for their local artists.


A great place to find local Memphis art is at Stock and Belle, a store located in the South Main district of Downtown Memphis that sources clothing, jewelry, art and furniture from local artists and craftsmen. Local art curator Alli Lemon does a beautiful job showcasing local artists for Stock and Belle, and the curation of this local art is so critically important for Memphis. An artist that stands out to me in this collection is Michelle Fair. Michelle uses simplicity to draw a deeper emotional meaning. There is such depth and interest just below the surface in her work and to me there is a hidden meaning or metaphor in each piece. I was so inspired by her pieces showing at Stock and Belle that I acquired one entitled Ghost for my own collection.


Another Memphis artist that inspires me is Catherine Erb. She uses photography and wax overlays to make each piece exude depth interest and a bit of a vintage like feel. It is great to be able to work with a local photographer with this level of talent. I love to use Catherine’s work in transitional spaces, as her pieces are soothing, subtle, and soft. I worked with her on a tryptic cloud study for my own collection a couple of years ago and the process was nothing short of fabulous. This piece was relevant to what I was experiencing in my life at the time and she really captured that and made me feel a connection to the art.

An artist I adore both personally and professionally, Kara Nicole Carter, creates stunning sculptural pieces. While she was raised in the Memphis area she now resides in Atlanta but spent lot of time back in Memphis. She has engaged me as her designer for her beautiful home and it is such a huge compliment to have this partnership with her. Her art is strong and powerful and her sculptural ability using metals is nothing short of mesmerizing. She is currently working on a metal table base for her own residence which is a truly unique one of a kind piece taking inspiration from her sculptural piece shown here.

Lauren Leonard Phelps is an Alabama native who is now living and working in New York. Her current focus is on faces, color, and texture, and her work is classic and elegant. Lauren spent many years in the fashion industry in Nashville and then in New York and we share a love for art and aesthetics. She is someone I admire and connect with as an artist.

Showing off the work of not only the art that inspires me, but supporting the artists of the places I call home is a huge part of why I love what I do. I love to use my work to give back to those places that hold a piece of my heart. Part of being human is exploring your intellectual curiosity, and I find such a deep connection in art. It is important that the pieces that I use in my projects tell a story, and what better way to do that than to support artists from our city.


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