The Interior Design Process Deconstructed: The fundamentals and how to DIY like a pro!

A common misconception our field is that Interior Designers simply find pieces of furniture at random, fluff them up, and toss them in a room. But contrary to that belief, it takes keen eye for design and the ability to conquer the tricky task of spatial composition and the grasp of some technical tools to accomplish the best results!   

This blog is an attempt to reveal to you a few of the most basic and fundamental steps in the process whether you are trying to tackle it yourself or seeking the help of a professional or perhaps something in between.

1. Determine how you want to FEEL in the space

Find photos you love! Color is a big component of creating the appropriate feeling in the space. Color creates a mood and ambiance. For example, Red is a color that evokes excitement and stimulation while Blue gives a sense of serenity and relaxation (the reason why it is often used in bedrooms). Choosing a color scheme can be overwhelming. What’s important is to establish a starting point.

2. Establish square-footage of your space and determine appropriate placement

a. This is where some basic measuring and a little software proficiency comes in handy. You don’t have to be some super-skilled or licensed designer to create a basic drawing to establish scale. Software such as Sketch-up, Floor Planner, and Revit (mostly for professionals) help to translate actual dimensions into an accurately scaled 2D or 3D drawing to help you visualize the space better.   

b. Once the size of the space is established, the work of finding pieces that appropriately and schematically occupy the space begins! This is where designers with who study furnishing can really help you!

c. Also keep in mind the importance of circulation space around the furniture, and in between. Place your pieces keeping in mind the sizes, materials, reflectivity, and overall visibility of each. Take into account the bigger finished picture instead of the aesthetics of each individual piece. Shoot for creating a room that flows visually and generates the exact experience you intended.

3. Choose fabrics and finishes.

a. Close attention should be paid to the textures of the items you are choosing. Creating depth through fabrics and finishes is a critical step in the process. Design firms have access to thousands of fabrics and finishes to help you strike the right balance. Also many do it yourself platforms have an array of options and samples to help you appreciate the value of color and textures in the space.   

4. Consider hiring a team of professionals or seek online resources

a. Making sure you enjoy the process is a critical part of the equation. At Murphy Maude Interiors, we pride ourselves on helping clients regardless of budget. Whether it is full service design work that includes space planning and renderings or just picking out one piece of furniture, often a professional team can guide and direct you, which in turn, can save you money by eliminating costly mistakes.

b. Murphy Maude interiors will be launching a DIY by Design product online this fall! It is somewhere in the middle of “hey I can do that myself” and “ I REALLY need some professional help here.”

c. Online interior design is for the client who needs help furnishing their rooms and layering in accessories, but is willing to gather information and do their own purchasing. This service gives you the tools and resources needed to execute excellent design from wherever you are located! Once you sign up for the program and the work is done you will receive a floor plan with furniture sizes and recommended items and a customized shopping list from vendors like west elm, all modern and restoration hardware. It is a great middle of the road option. Stay tuned for more on this service or contact us directly to take advantage of this before we go live for special discounts!

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